How to Choose a Wedding Veil That Complements Your Dress

Choosing the right wedding veil to complement your dress is a crucial step in pulling together your bridal look. From the veil length to the style and embellishments, every detail matters. Let's delve deeper into the aspects you should consider when selecting the perfect veil for your special day.

1. Match the Veil to Your Wedding Dress Style

Classical Dresses

If your dress has a classic design, a timeless cathedral veil can be a great choice.

Modern Dresses

For modern dresses with sleek lines, consider a fingertip or elbow-length veil to keep the look contemporary and chic.

2. Consider the Veil Length

The veil's length can significantly affect your overall look. Here are the common lengths you might consider:

  • Cathedral length: Perfect for a dramatic and formal wedding setup.
  • Chapel length: A bit shorter than the cathedral but still gives a formal appearance.
  • Fingertip length: Ideal for semi-formal weddings and pairs well with most dress styles.
  • Elbow length: Great for casual weddings and works well with simple, shorter dresses.

3. Think About the Veil’s Colour

While most brides opt for a veil in a shade that matches their wedding dress exactly, you can also choose a slightly contrasting shade to make a statement.

4. Focus on the Veil’s Fabric

The fabric of your veil should harmonize with your dress's material. Common veil fabrics include tulle, lace, and silk.

5. Embellishments and Details

Lace Edgings

If your dress features lace details, a veil with a matching lace trim can be a perfect choice.

Beads and Sequins

A veil adorned with beads or sequins can add a sparkling touch to a simpler gown.

6. Practical Considerations

Consider practical elements such as your wedding venue and your comfort. For instance, a long veil might not be practical for a beach wedding.

7. Complementing Your Hairstyle

Your hairstyle plays a pivotal role in how your veil will look. Discuss your veil preferences with your hairstylist to find the perfect match.

8. Trying Different Options

Don't be afraid to try various veils during your dress fitting to see which one complements your dress the best.


Choosing the right veil is a personal journey that adds a finishing touch to your wedding attire. Keep the above points in mind, and remember, the veil should enhance your wedding dress, not overshadow it.


Can I wear a veil if I have a short wedding dress?

Absolutely, a shorter veil, like a birdcage or blusher veil, can complement a short wedding dress beautifully.

Should the veil match the dress’s color exactly?

While it’s common to match the veil color to the dress, a slightly different shade can add depth and visual interest to your bridal look.

Can I wear a veil with a boho wedding dress?

Yes, many boho brides opt for whimsical veils with floral appliqués or laces that echo the relaxed and romantic vibe of their dresses.