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Sì Sposaitalia Collezioni, 5-8 April 2024, Allianz MiCo
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Label of Love Collection By Masal 

Enjoy the art and romance of MASAL's "Label of Love" collection, where every stitch tells the story of timeless elegance and passionate craftsmanship.

Dive deep into a range that celebrates 50 golden years of excellence in bridal fashion, blending the art of luxury and traditional European bridal craftsmanship with modern, sophisticated silhouettes. Meticulously selected from the highest quality fabrics such as Satin, Organza, Tulle, Chiffon, and Silk, sourced from Europe's famous textile markets, each dress is a testament to superior quality and style.

Discover wedding dresses that appeal to every style, from intricate lace details that evoke timeless appeal to elegant and modern wedding dresses that appeal to contemporary brides. The 'Label of Love' collection encapsulates the spirit of love with designs that speak to every bride's dream and offer numerous customization possibilities to ensure each piece is as unique as the bride who wears it.

Retailers worldwide can expect a collection that is not only far-reaching in its design approach, but also considers commercial aspects, ensuring favorable margins and expedited delivery times, fine-tuning business aspects to market needs.

Label of Love” is more than a collection; This is a testament to MASAL's commitment to empowering retailers with dresses that will sell not only to brides but also to generations. Whether it's the versatility in customization options up to US size 24 or the ability to add a personal touch with a variety of enhancements, this collection stands as a beacon of affordability meeting luxury.

Be a part of the MASAL journey, supported by the rich heritage of advanced fashion thinking, where we offer you wedding dresses knitted with love, prepared for dreams, and designed for success. #Fairytale #LoveTag #BridePerfection